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A home warranty protects the homeowner from the surprise expense and trouble of a mechanical breakdown to a system or appliance. For a budget-friendly annual fee homeowners can have the peace of mind that most of the major systems and appliances are covered and all it will take is one call to get a trusted service provider on the way to fix the issue. Call 1-877-407-3820 now to get more information.

Let’s face it… home ownership is one of your most costly investments. Just one unexpected repair, appliance replacement, or heaven forbid system fry, could blow your budget into next year. Add on top of that the stress and headache of finding a trustworthy and qualified repair provider, and you have days of
dealing with calls, forms, research, and inconvenience on your hands. An American Home Protect Home Warranty gives you peace-of-mind knowing that the issue, headaches and hassles are handled before the problem even occurs.

When it comes to your American Home Protect Home Warranty you get to decide what you want to cover by choosing aplan that works best for you and your budget. See our home warranty plans for a complete list of the major systems and appliances covered within the plans. You can also add additional items such as your pool, septic system, well pump, and several more, for a slightly higher cost.

Please note: The contract covers only those parts, systems and appliances specifically mentioned in your selected plan and contract. Proper maintenance of the systems and appliances must be kept to qualify as being covered. If a system or appliance fails due to lack of maintenance it may not be covered. Please see your contract for specific coverage, exclusions and limitations.

Unfortunately we can’t cover everything within your home. Take a look at our various plans to learn what your coverage options are or call us at 1-877-407-3820 to get more information on what is and isn’t covered. Please see your contract for specific coverage, exclusions and limitations.

Once we receive your payment, your American Home Protect Home Warranty contract it will be in effect for three years, with a renewal option on expiration.

Each time you have a service request, you will pay a diagnostic fee (see your contract) for each contractor that visits you. This fee is paid to our customer service representative and will range from $36 to $65. In some instances there may be additional costs or fees. Please see your contract for details.

Homeowner’s insurance will cover you in instances of damaged from fire, water, wind or other covered events. A home warranty handles the repairing/replacement of items and systems that break down on their own through normal wear and tear.

An American Home Protect Home Warranty allows for an unlimited number of covered repairs. You can use it as many times as you need to.

No, the age of your systems and appliances does not matter to American Home Protect. We will cover items that are properly maintained and that are in good working condition at the time you purchase the plan.

If the service contractor determines that your appliance or system cannot be repaired it will be replaced.

An American Home Protect Home Warranty gives sellers a valuable tool to make the purchase of their home much more attractive to potential buyers. Buyers will have additional confidence in a real estate transaction because they know they will be covered when it comes to the systems and appliances in the house. These benefits make buying your home a MUCH more attractive possibility.

Call us at 1-877-407-3820 and we’ll be happy to help you with a transfer or renewal of your contract over the phone.

All you need to do is call is at 1-877-407-3820 or complete this form and one of our specialists will contact you within 24 hours.